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Monarch Butterfly Stock Photos And Pictures

pictures monarch butterfly chrysalis flower pot gardenYear two of taking pictures of the Monarch Butterfly’s.

They are back. The Monarch Butterflies, the eggs, the caterpillars and now they are going into chrysalis!

My experimentation of taking pictures of butterflies is fun and already hundreds of people have downloaded the butterfly being born stock photography pictures.

People asked how I took the photos:

Last year I began learning about macro close up photography. A long story short, I raised butterflies indoors learning their ways and to take close-up pictures of them. One of the unpleasant sides however, was stressing out taking care of them, they eat and poop alot.

So this year I left it to the garden. I have learned enough about Monarch butterfly catapillar2behavior to where I can pretty much tell when they are ready for “the change”, then I place them in a prepared bucket to do just that. Don’t catch them all, many have crawled away for parts unknown.

Kinda cool, there are chrysalis being built on flower pots, glued to flowers and in a bucket. I am planning shots for when they emerge, hoping the bulk of my brood will make their debut on days where I am not busy and will be able spare the time to photograph. A butterfly waits for no photographer.

images monarch butterflyLuckily I have collected about 12 chrysalis to experiment on so far.

Capturing the butterfly pictures takes planning and patience. It is not that easy. They take approx 2 weeks to emerge and then when they are ready, they are ready. You’ll notice the green Chrysalis becomes clear like wax paper allowing you to see the orange wings and black body of the baby butterfly. When it turns black, it is a sign they are going to burst.

For me, trying to get good close up photography of the actual event is fun but tedious; for one thing Monarch butterflies typically debut between the hours of 8am-12pm, so you have to have everything set up in the morning and then just wait.

butterfly6You can’t take your eyes off it or blink for worry you will miss it.

The butterfly emerging is quick and if you want to get pictures of it, it requires staring at the pupa for hours watching for the split in the cocoon. Once that happens you have about 10 seconds from split to a baby butterfly hanging for dear life on its empty cocoon.

Newborn baby butterfly’s do stay around for quite a while, expelling fluid andpictures monarch butterfly chrysalis drying their wings and makes for better photo opportunities. Monarch butterflies are known for hanging around for a day or two in the garden where it was born.

This year in preparation, I glued the Chrysalis to flowers and things to see what versatility I can get out of my next round of butterfly pictures. Looking forward to this group, love watching them fly off and be pretty.

Taking Stock Photography

Royalty Free Stock Photography 

We have a collection of stock images in a number of sizes.

The photos on this site are shot by part-time San Diego Photographers. In our busy schedule  taking time for fun is luxury a big reason why our stock photos are so varied.

Our online photography are royalty free stock pictures have in different size options, perfect for a web project or banner graphic design.

No membership required. Just select your photo(s) and download.

Photos and designs are as low as 1.00.

Pictured below are samples from gallery of the Drone pictures from an industrial video shoot we did, macro photography work, a trip through San Diego Harbor Excursion and eclectic images.

We have thousands of images, so check back for recent uploaded photos or contact us if you are seeking something special.

Enjoy these photos and images of stuff and things. If you want to purchase, simply add to your cart to download immediately. If you need a San Diego Photographer for a project, give us a call.

Close picture of snail face eating eat paper pink mouth macro insects closeup

Close up picture of snail face

gold elgin antique pocket watch time closeup macro face time

Closeup picture of Antique Gold Elgin Pocket Watch

picture of san diego california bay port harbor downtown

Royalty Free Pictures of Port of San Diego Downtown Skyline and harbor

Man holding Drone Controller Picture

Man holding Drone Controller Picture

Monarch Butterfly Pictures

Monarch Butterfly Study Stock Photography 

We have a collection of Monarch Butterfly life cycle royalty free stock pictures. As a photographer, I did a study on the life cycle of the California Monarch butterfly. From the Monarch Caterpillar to the birth of the butterfly emerging form its chrysalis (pupa)

We have a number of Monarch butterfly pictures online and in our archives. Please enjoy these fascinating photos of rebirth and life cycle that nature provides. If you want to purchase, simply add to your cart to download immediately.

Picture Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Parsley stem closeup macro close up photos

monarch butterfly coming out of cocoon pupa emerging crystalis butterflies pictures

Monarch butterfly green palm leaf picture

monarch butterfly butterflies mildweed plant close up macro images royalty free

San Diego Stock Photography

Seeking Royalty Free Stock Pictures of San Diego, California?

We have a large number of royalty free stock images of San Diego, California. Photos of the Coronado bridge, Coronado Island, City Views and much more! You can download our stock images of Southern California for as low as 1.00.

No need to signup for a stock photo membership, just download online the photos you place in your cart. Immediate delivery of your stock photography.

Visit often as we add more photos to our San Diego Picture Gallery. If you are seeking something special in San Diego, contact us with your needs and we will look in our archives or arrange a photography shoot for custom images of San Diego.

If you are unable to locate the perfect image and want us to shoot it for you, just contact us for a special photography rate.

San Diego located on he coast of the Pacific Ocean is California’s second largest city with over a million residents. San Diego is a versitlie city with miles of coastline, edged by deserts and mountains and everything inbetween. The question becomes…. what doesn’t San Diego provide as one of the best places to live in the country.


port san diego harbor midway ship california

Picture of Port of San Diego Harbor and USS Midway Air Craft Museum  Attraction

coronado bridge san diego military ships bay california

View of San Diego Coronado bridge. View from the harbor. Pictures of military ships and cargo.

san diego california royalty free stock pictures buildings hotels bay harbor

Downtown San Diego Royalty free stock images of San Diego skyline, buildings hotels view of the harbor.

san diego port bay harbor downtown california

San Diego California Port of San Diego Bay. Downtown San Diego Skyline Stock images